A delicious curry restaurant had moved to a new location


Hi, there

I miss not to eat delicious curry anymore.

in this week, other company people assigned our project moved to different projects on a budget short.

And our department hired more inexpensive labor.

So I have to teach new people who work with us.


Phrase I learn English this week

not only A but also B

It is very much like 〜

For the most part,〜

I need someone to 〜

The problem might be with 〜

I wanna eat the delicious curry

3 years ago, there is a delicious curry restaurant near the my house.

the curry is so good and reasonable. I loved it.

but,I hadn’t been to that restaurant in a while.

besides My wife have never been to there.

that’s why I looked forward to going eat the curry with her last week.

But there was a different restaurant in same place.

Furthermore, the new restaurant was very much like the previous restaurant.

So we tried the new restaurant curry.

As a result, the new restaurant food was less delicious thane the previous restaurant.

I wanna to eat the previous delicious curry, but I can’t.

New people

For the most part, it’s cost 3 or 4 years or so to remember details of our system.

However, New people who our company hired have to remember all as soon as possible.

I need someone to teach the new people efficiently.

Actually,I have to not only teach new people but also do routine work.

The problem might be with the no time I teach.

That’s why New people have to learn many things by themsleve.


this year, there are many good things and bad things.

Next dairy, I will write about that.

Now, I am looking forward to waiting Christmas season.

And the season comes.

We will eat pizzas and talk about our family futures.

Have a good one



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