Let’s Start dairy

start dairy

Hi こんにーちは!!

I start writing a dairy without AI .(単語を調べるのにはAI使います。)

I want to speak English because English is so cool.

I heard that writing a diary is important to speak English well.

I would be happy if you could watch over me warmly.(この部分はChat GPT に聞いちゃいました。)


Today is Day off

Day off, I usually do stuff I have to do and want to do in the morning.

In the afternoon, I always sleep for an hour. In the night, I relax at my place.


I have had a online English lesson for two weeks.So today, I was taught English by Filipino teacher this morning.

I didn’t understand that the teacher said “did they do?”

I had scored 780 point on the TOEIC when I was in University.

But I couldn’t be sure what she was saying.I was shocked because “did they do?” is easy phrase.

I’ll keep me up to study English.

At 8:00 am , I went to singing in Karaoke.

I was glad to knew the Karaoke store open at 8:00am because it opened at 10:00am before .

I am fun of singing.

after singing, I came to cafe and studying English grammar.

cafe is getting expensive . I paid 780 yen for breakfast.

If I paid 780yen ,I could eat ramen before.

In the afternoon

I watched Youtube and Netflix. It was difficult for me to watched it in English and no subtilted.

after all, I also was studied English in the afternoon. So I started to write a dairy.

Final chapter

Well, I wonder how many times I’ve used ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is very useful to write a dairy.

ChatGPT is new age dictionary.

If you write a dairy, I recommend that you use ChatGPT!!!

Have a good one!


start dairy

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