I gave a presentation in US


Last week, I went to US and gave a presentation.

In this blog, I’ll introduce my experience in US.


Buissness trip

I stayed in US for a week.

this is my fisrt time visiting US.

As a whole, I enjoyed this trip. US food was so good.

I didn’t miss Japanese food in a week. On the contrary, I still want to try the US food after I came Japan.

US food is so good ,a little big, rich. Especially, The muffins and cakes are very dense.

I was satisfied with only one muffins.

US People

I think US people are so nice.

they were kind and good at talking jokes.

In presentation, most US people talked some jokes.

that is deference between japan and US.

they are used to speaking in public. that’s advantage in a lot of cases.

And I feel my English skill is not good When I touch the US people talking.

That’s why I feel I study more.

However, my presentation was successful and I was the first Japanese to receive a memento.

Price in the US

Price in the US was high.

I went to Tennessee via Chicago.

My supervisor bought a bottle of water by 1000 yen in Chicago airport.

In US, We have to buy water to drink.

In Tennessee, bottle of water is 450 yen or so.

At the lowest estimate, breakfast was 2000yen at hotel.

That’s why, now is not good timing to travel.

Public Safety

Pubic Safety are not bad, But I feel Japan is more safety.

I was talked by homeless people. In US, I suppose that homeless people try to receive something aggressively. Of course, they never harmed me.

And in Chicago train, the smell were not good. I didn’t know what the smell.

It’s kind of tobacco smell and rotting water smell.

In Chicago, I occasionally found someone on the train and street who looked dangerous.



I think service at restaurants in US are so good.

these are better than Japan. Even if these are inexpensive restaurants, service are so good.

that’s may be related with chip.


I totally enjoyed US.

I want to vist US again.




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