Offering TOEIC test and release a function of syste



I offered TOEIC test to measure my English skill.

I’m getting excited and a little nervous.

If I get high score at TOEIC test, I get some money from my company.

But I don’t focus on TOEIC test because my purpose of learning English is rise speaking English skill.

So as always,in this diary, I write a diary with learning English phrase.


Phrase I learn English this week

It’s my responsibility to 〜

I’m having a hard time 〜ing

We might 〜 if…

I recommend that you〜
(〜することをおすすめする。 )

Is there a way to〜

TOEIC Questions

I tried to solve Official TOEIC Questions.

First of all, it was difficult.

In especially, I could not understand part4 Questions of listenings.

I don’t know English words and phrase on the part4.

Now, I’m having a hard time remembering the English words.

I might be able to rise score if I go on learning the English words.

release new function of a system at work

It’s my responsibility to improve a system I developed.

This week, We released a function to remove bugs.

There are some trouble and some people complained about it.

but I believe that the function does the trick.

Is there a way to solve issues of all ?

there are no way to make all people comfortable.

I recommend that you choose the better option you believe even if the result was wrong for some people.


I have studied English for about 3 month.

I recognized that I should learn more many English words and phrase.

I recently say to me “don’t give up.”

Have a good one



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