I try to use basic syntax Atsueigo introduced



I like watching Youtube to study English.

Today, it was great that Atsueigo channel teach me basic syntax.

Atsueigo is one of my favorite channeers.

that’s why I write this dairy with using syntax Atsueigo teach me.


I have studied for about 2 month.

It was shocking to listen my voice while I spoke English.

It was too terrible to listen all of my voice on the recording.

I felt like giving up studying English.

I think it’s persevering that Japanese people can speak English smooth.

And It’s so smart that they can speak English.

I decide I did not give up studying English.

but I’m not confident enough to speak English smooth.

I find it hard to get English brain.

I try to study English for a hour everyday so that I can speak English.

I’m in no hurry at all.

Getting English speaking skill is as same as Getting programing skills.

Both is needed to study longtime.

Just because you can get 780 points on TOEIC test doesn’t mean you can speaking English.

Getting good score on TOEIC is not necessarily important to speak English.

I used to study exclusively for TOEIC to pass the University exam.

I’m used to studying for a exam. but it’s not necessarily important to live happily.

Ability to score well is not as important as I expected.

I think the most important thing is to find your best ability and to improve the ability.

I spend while finding my best ability.

that’s why I felt like studying English.

If you find your best ability, you should focus on it as soon as you find it.

I don’t know if our effort will pay off but I wonder if It’s OK to focus on one thing.

Lifetime is too short to focus on several things.

It’s been 2 hours since I started wrote this dairy.

It takes 3 hours to finish this dairy.

How about you start a dairy in Englsih?

What I decided in past have me write dairy.

Writing dairy get me to study English.

It make me think about English and let me study words and grammars.

I recently often see many foreigners exploring in the Nagoya city.

I hear our government increasing benefit for foreigners.


I use 30 basic syntax Atsueigo introduced.

It’s is very fun to use the syntax as soon as I study.

This may have been an awkward sentence,though.

Have a good one.



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