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HI, there .

I subscribed Native camp yesterday, on Feb 3 2024.

It is different from Reajob.

In the first impression, Native camp is more stylish because the website is modern style.

But, Reajob hires the professional tutor.

that’s why I can’t decide which is the better online English website so far.

Then, I will enjoy the Native camp for free period.


Phrase I learn English this week

can I move on to〜?

apologize for 〜ing

No wonder 〜

I doubt that〜
(〜と思わない。I don’t think と大体同じ意味)

That’s a good point, but 〜

Why I choose Naive camp

I took online English lessons at different website that our company desided.

However I changed the website because I only want to try the other online English website.

So I talked with American people at the first time in Native camp.

Native camp fee is about $45 but if you want to talk with native speaker, you pay for additional $65.

Now, I can talk with native speaker for free for a week.

from now to next week, I consider weather I pay for additional fee or not.

Merits of Native camp are need not reservation and we can take lesson over and over again for a day.

That’s is only Native camp.

That’s why I try to do.

My work

As you can know, my work is busy with removing bugs of systems now.

Perhaps I should say ‘can I move on to next other systems?’.

I have put up with this situation for a year.
Isn’t it about time I were happy?

In Japanese culture, Apologizing for thing that are not my fault are virtues.

No wonder most Japanese people are use to apologizing things.

I heard that’s a good point in japan but that’s not good in the United State.

Because in United State, If we apologize for things, we could be sued.

That’s is difference between in japan and in the United State.

I doubt that the culture of Japanese is better than In United State.

Only be careful about apologizing.


I have studied English for four months.

Score of CEFR was B1 last week.

Our company allow B1 employee to work abroad.

That I got the score is meaning.

Thank you for your attention.

Have a good one.



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