programing competition and get-together


Hi, there

in this week, I joined the programing competition with python and participate in get-together with other department.

I haven’t used python in a while, but I relatively remember how to use the programing.

Okey, I’ll start my diary.


Phrase I learn English this week

It’s worth 〜 ing

be concerned about 〜

I have a feeling that 〜

I didn’t expected 〜to …

I am lucky to 〜

Programing competition

this chapter is a little bit difficult for someone who don’t use python as a programing language.

Our company started holding a programing competition with website called ‘Signate’.

I registered the competition and started programing a problem.

the problem is a kind of date analysis.

If you use the python , you may know libraries, for example pandas, numpy, scikit-learn and stuff.

I used the their libraries and AI, so I performed data analysis.

So far , I have the best score in our company.

I didn’t expected me to analysis easily with AI.

It’s worth using AI when you program something.

And I am lucky to have a friend who had a Asia programing champion as a kid.

He motivate our team to improve ourself skills.


I joined a get-together in a while.

I am drunk easily but other people drink at a fast pace.

I was concerned about doing well tomorrow tasks.

if you get a hangover, do you wanna take off ?

I had feeling that I wanna took a day off tomorrow.

However,I worked the next day and did well


I gained confidence in my programming skills.

and I wish that I became a strong drinker.

Have a good one



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