I was not aware of day off today until arriving at work place


First of all , I don’t record something about schedules.

I always keep those schedules in mind.

I trust my function.

However, I made a light mistake.

I think today is workday but it was wrong.

Today was day off.

I thought that day off was end yesterday.

I was not aware of that even if a train was not crowded, even if building was closed.

Perhaps, I would had like to change my mind.

During GW, I enjoyed trip and relaxed at home several days.

I missed my job slightly. Of course, I don’t love my job.

But, I was too lazy during GW.

In my home, I often take a nap for few hours even if I ‘m aware of that is waste of time.

So I get want to do something meaning.


Going to “コンパル”

“コンパル” is a kind of Japanese local caff .

it is popular but I had never been to “コンパル”.

So I decided to go to the caff after I had been aware of that today was dayoff.

In Nagoya, there are unique cultures. One of them is “morning”

morning is unique work in Nagoya.

morning means not only morning but also drink with breakfast as a local word.

If you order some drinks, you could get some food with inexpensive price during morning.

Some caff even offer breakfast for the price of a drink.

Speaking of “コンパル”, this caff order ham and eggs on toast for $1.00 plus the cost of the drink in the morning.

Taste was so good.

The caff was so crowded.

Today, new thing what I did was going new caff.

I thought a day like this is fine.



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