Program improve


Hi, there.

In this week, I focus on programing in python to a website which our company people use.

the website is about a kind of manual to use software I developed.

At first, I made power points to explain how to use the system.

However, it’s not enough for our company people.

That’s why I decided to create the website.


Phrase I learn English this week

allow 〜 to…

exceed one’s expectations

I can’t express how 〜
I can’t express how grateful.(感謝の言葉もございません。)
I can’t express how disappointed (がっかりして言葉も出ない。)

That’s exactly what〜
go the extra mile to〜

PDf files to md files

I copied our team programing and arranged to extract hyperlinks.

Our company allows Our team to use git and vscode.

There are a few people who can use the git and program in python.

But I use them.

That’s exactly what I am one of the people who have valuable experiences.

I am thankful for this environment which I am able to face challenges.

I can’t express how grateful for that.

So I go the extra mile to keep up with this environment.

To be honest, surprisingly, ChatGPT is very useful for programing.

improvement of using ChatGPT exceeded my expectations.

ChatGPT detect the wrong program and revise the code fast.

I order ChatGPT to improve my code over and over again.

Sometimes ChaGPT also make mistakes.

However, that’s amazing.


In this week, I create a website for our company people.

And I did well.

I want to have more time to program at work.

In this year, I may have a chance to move other department where I am able to program.

I look forward to the time.

Have a good one.



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