I need to Figure out how to fix bugs in the system

sysytem bugs

This week, I kept thinking of solutions to fix bugs in the system.

it is very difficult to fix bugs because not only those bugs need to be fixed , but also the current incorrect dates need to.

I managed to come up with a solution for those bugs but I couldn’t figure out how to fix incorrect dates.

I’ll try to be better next week.


Convenience food

This picture shows bread and coffee from a convenience store “family mart”.

It looks so delicious when I take it out of the package bag and put it on a plate!

Just because the cups were Starbucks, coffee was not from Starbucks.

the coffee costed 150yen($1).

Of course, they tasted delicious.

in addition to this, they look like cafe’s food.

I enjoyed the breakfast at my home as if i were in cafe.


I had a English lesson at online.

Today is the once-a-month day to learn English from a Japanese Teacher.

He said “Getting ability of speaking English well need to study for 1,000 hour. “

I felt that I would temp to gave up. Actually,I’II don’t give up and write this dairy in English.

And I could hear good information from him.

I try to study TOEIC exam because he told me that studying TOEIC is a shortcut to speaking Engish.

First of all, I would like to read Weekly News Article he recommended in “レアジョブ英会話”.

Medical total body hair removal treatment

I had my second medical total body hair removal treatment.

It was extremely painful.

If you wanna have it, you need to be strong in the face of pain.

Anyway, it was so painful.

After 3:00pm

Next thing I knew ,it was 3:00.

As usual,I started studying English.

I think that I need to review new words in English anyway.

that’s why I used AI that lead me to express many things in English.



Keeping motivation for studying English is vary difficult.

As usual, I decided the minimum amount of study to be done in a day.

It is very important to decide the amount of study without depending on my motivation.

From past experience,I knew There is no point in studying seriously for a moment.


sysytem bugs

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