Napoleon pie and basque cheesecake


Hello there.

I took a break in this week.

And I ate a delicious basque cheesecake I have ever eaten.

It looks like a normal basque cheesecake.

But, I have been impressed by the cake for a long time.

This cake is rich cheese and smooth mouthfeel.

I had a good weekend.

My wife ate a Napoleon pie.

this cake is limited to serve. That’s why we waited for 30 minutes in front of the cafe.


Phrase I learn English this week

have 〜 in common

what’s your view on 〜?
pros and cons of 〜

Let’s see if 〜

Apart from〜

This is cake

Apart from prices, I was impressed about the cake tasty.

recently, I haven’t eaten the authentic delicious cakes.

But, today was different.

Price of basque cheesecake is 990yen and price of Napoleon pie is 1650yen.

It’s so expensive for Japanese people.

Actually,I usually eat cakes under 500yen.

I didn’t know a difference between under 500yen and 1000yen.

But I know the difference. So I will choose the expensive one even if I eat less cakes.

what’s your view on this my opinion about the more expensive, the more delicious?

Let’s see if the higher prices is delicious.

My wife and I have something in common about the foods.

We want to save money for our future.

But, today we spent money for our desire.

that’s taking break time.

Saving money has pros and cons of our life.

Saving money is to buy peace of mind instead of discarding our now life.

I think that It is important to consider the balance between saving money and spending money.


I enjoyed the cake.

And I hope I eat the cake again.

Thank you for your attention

Have a good one.



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