This year to end


Hi there.

Are you happy in this year?

I’m totally happy.

I manage to do the challenges.

So, I didn’t use English at work.

Next year, I wanna to use English at work.

Let’s start dairy.


Phrase I learn English this week

I’ll make sure to〜

I might as well〜

If I’m not mistaken,〜,right?

I wish〜as much as you do.


I always thank that I’ll make sure to do tasks as soon as possible before I moved to this department .

That’s right. I usually did all tasks in a day previous department.

However, This department is so different from previous department as workload.

There are too much tasks in here and the tasks are difficult.

that’s why I’ve to plan the schedule and reschedule over and over again.

I always try the most difficult task in the early morning.

When I can’t resolve the problem, I might as well talk to my supervisor.

You shouldn’t have difficult task because someone is good at doing the task.

I am in 30s. I might as well give other people task.

I need the skill that I easily decide the choice whether I do or other do.

Probably, you need that.

Sometimes, I give someone task which I can do because the person’s skills become growth.

When you are in 30s, you should not only do tasks but also teach someone how to resolve the problem.

If I’m not mistaken, it is important to focus on the task I can only resolve, right?

Don’t wish you resolve the problem as much as someone do.

I and you are different, and we are unique.

During my free time

I like researching new thing, for example, IT , English, and stuffed.

So I don’t know between work and private.

My choice may be not efficient to earn money.

but That’s fine. I like speaking English with tutors.

Occasionally, I miss my friends that they enjoyed sports, movie, and travel or stuffed.

But I’m in 30s.

I and they have new family as a community.

I hardly meet them.


Are you happy this year?

I hope you are happy.

And I hope we are happy next year.

Have a good one.




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