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This topic is about conversation to native speaker.

I subscribed to NativeCamp from January.

Then I enrolled a native speaker plan.

honestly, the native speaker plan was expensive.

that price was about $113 per month.

Now, I don’t regret the plan.


Today’s phase

There has been a 〜 demand for …
has been a の次には、growing, increasing, rising(増加する)やsteady, stable(安定した)が入り、…への 増加(安定)している需要がある。

be in the process of 〜 ing

behind the scenes

be aware of〜

as long as〜

Learn from native speakers

is learning from native speakers benefit for you?

I believe talking with native speakers are helpful for us to boost communication skills.

In NativeCamp, without native speaker plan, you can talk to non native speaker only unless you bought coins.

So, what are benefits for speaking native speaker?

I find it different between native and non native speaker.

I feel native speakers use different words from non native speaker.

I don’t say that non native speaker is bad for you.

But, the fact that we should aware of the difference.

Of course, you can learn several thing from non native speakers.

especially, beginners who learn grammar lessons may not realize the difference.

however, as long as you talk with non native speakers, you cannot touch the native speaker culture.

and, you cannot touch native speaker words.

That is capable of disadvantage for your English skills.

Actually,I am process of enhancing my English communication skills.

The important studying things are not only talking with tutor but also studying vocabularies, pronunciation and grammar behind scenes.

That is might be boring. But anyway, making effort is nesecarry.

There has been growing demand for English skills in Japan.


This topic may be general thing.

But, this is my feeling though the lesson by NativeCamp, Reajob.

I’m glad if you read this article, you are getting interested in English more.

See you soon


online lesson

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