Why do I study English?


Hi, There!

Today, I think reason why I study English because I want to keep my motivation up.

We have chances to study something fun. For instance, English, programing, etc…

But we don’t have time to study all.
That’s why I have to choose what we study.

So I get to tend to think what I want to do.

Someone recommended a book. The name is ‘世界一野菜しい「やりたいこと」の見つけ方’.

I try the book and it give me a chance to study English.

The book told me that Important things is what I want to do and what I good at doing.

I wasn’t sure whether to study programing or English.

And I remembered that I just want to sing in English.

Finally, I decided to start to study English.

Of course, I do programing in my job.


Phrase I learn English this week

The thing is, 〜

go ahead and 〜
次に進めることを伝えます。go aheadは「先に進む」という意味があります。

Speaking of〜,…

I’m afraid 〜

On second thought, I decided to 〜

All people in our office start to programing

Interestingly, all people in our office start programming.

The thing is,I am only one to go ahead and prepare presentation in English In the United States.

I sometimes want to study not only English but also programming.

Every time I think that, I suppress my greed to study programming.

I have to study English.

Speaking of English, I proceed with overseas business trip procedures.

I’m afraid that I will be able to give a presentation for a hour I develop the system.

That’s why, on second thought, I decided to study hard not programing but English.

People around me study programing hard.

It’s weird.


This dairy is about getting lost.

I was not sure whether I should study English or programing.

So I follow my instincts.

I hope my efforts will pay off.

Have a good one.



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